3rd of July 2012
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4th of July 2012

Official opening by prof L. Melis - vice rector of educational policy
Keynote 01: Rolf Schreuder
Coffee break
Keynote 02: Alan Fletcher
Keynote 03: Polycom
Session 01, 02, 03, 04
Session 01
  • The learning preferences of the millenials explored - V. Jochems
  • Social Learn Worskshop - A. Fletcher
  • Al-Quds Open University Experience in Using the Interactive Media in Teaching Blended Learning Courses Designed on MOODLe - A. Al-Natsheh
Session 02
  • Use of Video Annotation to Support Deliberate Practice in a Professional Domain - W. Monroe
  • Sharing Online Video for Education - T. O'Riordan
  • Peer-evaluation of first aid competencies using an android application on tablet PCs: effective for large-size classes - N. Charlier
  • Digital assessments of the future - S. Korenromp
Session 03
  • Massive open online courses in engineering education - U. Heckel
  • Students’ perceptions and perceived value of lecture capture in teacher education - I. Kukkonen
  • Video - A New Ecosystem for Learning - T. Kuechel
  • Visual Problem Appraisal - R. Lie
Session 04
  • Blended learning - Salford BSF programme - K.A. Howard
  • Blended Learning for Lifelong Learners in a Multicampus Context - Y. Blieck
  • Blended Learning in primary school - F. Ravanelli
  • Tool use in a blended learning environment: the role of students’ self-theories as learner profile - D. Tempelaar
Coffee break
Keynote 04: Erik Duval
Welcome reception
5th of July 2012
Registration Day 02
REC ALL: Clive Young
Session 05, 06, 07
Session 05
  • Singing the Body Electric: The Role of Embodiment and Identity in Creating and Performing Telepresence - M. Childs
  • OpenTrack - An Open Source Framework for Video Analysis and Automated Camera Control - B. Wulff
Session 06
  • Bridging the gap between research and practice in university lifelong learning through DIALOGUE - M. Achten
  • The Design and Development of an 'Online Teaching' module for teachers and lecturers - M. Farren
Session 07
  • DML Stepwise - E. Heylen
  • Bachelor Degree in Law at KU Leuven-Kulak. A Blended Learning Program - D. Faifer
Coffee break
Session 08, 09, 10
Session 08
  • Extron Video & Capture Solution
  • The criteria of quality assessment of educational multimedia streams transmitted in real time mode - Z. Anatoly
  • Guilty or not guilty? 4K video can make the difference - H. Maier
Session 09
  • SUPO.BE, a multiplatform delivery learning environment - T. Rumes
  • Developing and delivering an online students news portal - D. Heider
  • How to use audio-visual archives in education and cultural projects - case stories and guidelines - G. Verdonck
Session 10
  • A Blended Training Program in Metal Transformation - D. Faifer
  • Blended Learning versus Traditional Learning: A Case Study - S. van Rooij
  • On-line internships: institutions & new space for e-learning - M. Leduc-Grimaldi
Creative Coffee Concept - Showreel - Exhibition
Social Event
6th of July 2012
Registration Day 03
Session 11, 12, 13, 14
Session 11
  • “You talkin’ to me?” Personalizing large scale teacher professional development through the use of video on mobile phones. - C. Woodward
  • Hypervideo as planning tool in educational uses of transmedia storytelling - M. Amatller
  • The webdocumentary: a new genre for learning? - D. Arnold
Session 12
  • Using New Media Technologies in the Classroom: Digital Ethos, Digital Learning and Digital Classroom - A. Atay
  • High quality content from high quality educators: implementing an iTunes U site and tackling specific access issues - M. O Conaire
  • Moving Beyond Recorded Lectures - A.M. Preston
Session 13
  • Tired of lecturing? Use powerclips to create more active and effective education - D. Braakman
  • Tutorial video clips in a basic engineering mechanics course - R. Callens
  • The use of video in teaching basic music elements - L. Mihelac
Session 14
  • Making blended learning work: in search of a successful design - J. B. Willems
  • Contribution of Educational Technologies in the new nurse training programs - J. M. Dubois
  • Blended Sexuology - H. van den Brink - in Dutch
Coffee break - Packed lunch
Medea Quiz
Keynote 05: Melissa Highton
Closing ceremony

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